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Center for Dental Implants have put smiles on the faces of thousands of satisfied customers. We enjoy hearing about the savings and services our customers receive, so please share your experiences with us. Take a look at what some of our members are saying about the benefits and services we offer.

What follows are extracts from testimonials from our patients

Since the time I had injured my tooth i was worried that I might never be able to smile or eat food with confidence. Though the earlier treatment really helped but still I was looking for a permanent and more reliable solution. Things have really changed since the time the implant has been done. It feels as if my original tooth is back. Also the experience at Dr. Lanka Mahesh’s clinic has been overwhelming. Not only the way in which the clinic has been maintained and the patients are treated but also the ease by which Dr. Lanka Mahesh builds a rapport with the patient is appreciable. It was more like being treated by a friend. The way he explains the details about the material used and the procedure followed is really helpful for even a naïve to understand the process. I am happy to have been treated by such a nice dentist.

Meenakshi Vashist, (New Delhi)

I have undergone full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants, where a total of 12 dental implants were fitted in my jaws. Dr Lanka Mahesh’s patience, expertise and caring nature helped me immensely during the treatment, I am glad I underwent this procedure as I am able to eat anything that I want with my new set of teeth. The procedure was hardly painful as I was told by friends and even at my age (72yrs) has been very successful and satisfying. Thank you Dr. Lanka and Dr. Radhika .

Dr. Usha Dar (New Jersey, USA)

After hearing about dental implants ,I opted for the same and have undergone extensive bone grafting procedures and dental implant placements, its more than 3 yrs now and I am happy with every penny spent as it has made me feel younger and also restored my eating capacity. The friendly nature of Dr .Lanka and his staff puts one at ease, I also was very happy to know that he travels abroad extensively to train and lecture on implants, which made me feel I am in totally safe hands. I would highly recommend dental implant treatment to anyone having missing teeth, or having trouble with dentures.

Gen. Mehta (New Delhi)

I had lost two front teeth many years ago and was wearing a denture to cover the space, after meeting Dr. Lanka I opted for implants, and he placed implants and bone graft to fill the gap, during the healing period I was having temporary fixed teeth, now more than 4 yrs later I feel that it was a very wise decision as I am not scared that the denture I had would slip in public. Implant treatment looks expensive, but it is worth the money spent and a wise investment on your own self.

Mr. Preyansh. Jain (New Delhi)

I had met with a very bad motorbike accident, in which I fractured my jaws and broke many teeth, I was delaying treatment as I did not know what was the best for me the delay caused my face to slide to one side which appeared ugly, I was then told about Dr. Lanka Mahesh at New Delhi, when I contacted him, the first thing he did was to put my fears at rest, and explained the treatment plan in great detail, after I had understood the whole procedure, he removed all broken teeth and placed dental implants( six in upper and one in lower jaws) as well as bone graft material and also did bone plating and wiring for my jaws, the procedure required a 2 day hospitalization, today I have a new set of teeth and also my face appears normal, I owe everything to Dr. Lanka Mahesh and his team. I wish him great success with his career.

Mr. Sandeep Mohapatra (Orissa)

Dr. Lanka Mahesh has placed two implants for me and also given me new teeth he was constantly in touch with me when I was back home which I really appreciated, he and his wife form a very nice team I wish them good luck.

Mrs. Madhu Sharma (Boston, USA)

I had a very bad set of front teeth, at Dr. Lanka Mahesh’s centre it was treated with ceramic crowns and now I smile confidently, the whole procedure only needed three visits. I am very happy with his clinic and him.

Mr. S.T. (Riyadh, Kuwait)

I had a very bad lower molar, for which I kept delaying treatment because of fear, when I visited my uncle he told me of Dr. Lanka, when I went to his clinic the first thing to strike me was the friendly atmosphere and Dr. Lanka and Dr. Radhika’s friendly nature. I got an implant placed by Dr. Lanka and cosmetic work done by Dr. Radhika, on my second visit to India the new tooth was fixed on the implant, and I am very happy with the result. the same treatment would have cost me at least ten times abroad.

Ms. P.J (UK)

I have undergone dental implants, crowns and root canal treatment at Dr. Lanka and Dr. Radhika’s centre, I am very happy with their professional approach and nature, as I visit India frequently so I also go for regular check ups, as advised. I wish both of them a bright future.

Mr. Balbir Singh (New York)

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